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The many cases of Domestic Violence against women, the global #MeToo stories, all have been well documented because they were all reported in some way. Either via the internet or in the hundreds of thousand police reports. All from women, against men. Obviously, I as well as many others, doubt the majority of those allegations, but because women make the allegation, those stories are heard, believed without proof, shared and the perpetrator is punished. 

Where are all the hundreds of thousand stories that men have? Whether it is a Domestic Violence case against a man, or the countless of horrific experiences that men have when it comes to the corrupt Family Law, being falsely accused of rape or Domestic Violence, paternity fraud, falsely accused of child molestation or being victim of coercive control - those stories will not be documented the majority of the time. Either because men are afraid to go to the

police; scared of not being believed, or because they have gone to the police, but are not believed. There are - simply put - no laws against Domestic Violence, when the victim is the man. The Duluth Model clearly states, that the victim is always the woman, and thus the perpetrator is always the man. Many men are aware of this. And when it comes to the correct Family Law, millions of men are unable to see their children, while having to pay an insane amount of alimony every month, or else they end up in jail. Their lives have been ruined, completely destroyed. Many men have committed suicide along the way. And the men that are alive and are in the middle of this vicious fight against the female courts, often are too scared to speak out and tell their story, as all they do will backfire on them. This Guestbook of Stories, is the 
first place where I hope everyone, men and their loved ones, will share their experiences. I want the world to see that these things happen to men, and it's not only because of the viciousness of many women; it is

because the laws are legislated in such a way, that every woman can destroy a man with the complete help of the law. As if they all get an instruction manual on how to destroy a man with the golden price of custody, money and a boost in status. 
This needs to end, the laws need to be changed 
for the good of men and their children. 

We can start by documenting all their stories. 
You can do this anonymously, and you can share 
the story of someone close to you as well, if they 
are unable to do this themselves. Please, feel free 
to share as much as you want, in as much detail as you want. Only this way, others will know about these stories. Only this way, others will see that 
there is a pattern in the things that happen to a 
man after they get divorced. Only this way, the 
world can see that men are globally being 
destroyed by women and their laws.

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